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This page lists all of the books published by Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc. from 1973 through 2006.

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Publication Year
1973 1984 1985 1986 1987
1988 1989 1990 1991 1992
1993 1994 1995 1996 1997
1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
2003 2004 2005 2006  

Title ISBN
American Hot Rod: The Fine Art of the Custom Hot Rod 0-88363-119-9
Corvette: America's Sports Car Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow 0-88363-121-0
Embellishments for Paper Crafts: Ideas, Tips, and Techniques 0-88363-708-1
Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Magic 0-88363-707-3
The Pitti Palace Collections 0-88363-513-5
Skylines of the World: Yesterday and Today 0-88363-529-1
The Uffizi Gallery Museum 0-88363-512-7
U.S. Air Force: A Complete History 0-88363-114-8
X-Men: The Characters and Their Universe 0-88363-120-2
The Jewish Calendar 2007 0-88363-408-2
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2007 0-88363-409-0
Title ISBN
American Chopper: The Fine Art of the Custom Motorcycle 0-88363-117-2
Glorious Rubber Stamping:Ideas, Tips & Techniques 0-88363-926-2
The Jewish Wall Calendar 2006 0-88363-407-4
Skylines: American Cities Yesterday and Today 0-88363-527-5
Spectacular Hawai`i 0-88363-832-0
Spectacular London 0-88363-833-9
The University of Michigan Story: Hail To The Victors 0-88363-132-6
U.S. Army: A Complete History 0-88363-113-X
Title ISBN
The Coast Guard 0-88363-116-4
The Diaspora and The Lost Tribes of Israel 0-88363-604-2
The Gates: Project for Central Park,
New York City
Great Paper Crafts: Ideas, Tips and Techniques 0-88363-706-5
Ireland's Treasures 0-88363-830-4
The Jewish Calendar 2005 0-88363-405-8
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2005 0-88363-406-6
Simple Scrapbooks: Ideas & Techniques 0-88363-705-7
Spectacular Washington 0-88363-843-6
U.S. Army: A Complete History 0-88363-113-X
Yoga (paperback edition) 0-88363-511-9
Title ISBN
Air Force Scrapbook 0-88363-625-5
Army Scrapbook 0-88363-626-3
Baby's Scrapbook 0-88363-941-6
Diving The World 0-88363-510-0
Family Christmas Treasures 0-88363-044-3
Firefighters 0-88363-106-7
Great Aviators and Epic Flights 0-88363-526-7
The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook 0-88363-603-4
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2004 0-88363-404-X
The Jewish Museums of the World 0-88363-980-7
The Jewish Wall Calendar 2004 0-88363-403-1
Marines Scrapbook 0-88363-629-8
Navy Scrapbook 0-88363-630-1
Our Christmas Scrapbook 0-88363-704-9
Our Family Scrapbook 0-88363-703-0
US Navy: A Complete History 0-88363-112-1
US Special Operations Forces 0-88363-105-9

Title ISBN
The Air Force 0-88363-104-0
Barons of Business 0-88363-842-8
Grandmother's Scrapbook 0-88363-702-2
Jewish Americans: The Immigrant Experience 0-88363-129-6
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2003
The Jewish Wall Calendar 2003
Spectacular Egypt 0-88363-844-4
USMC: A Complete History 0-88363-111-3
United States Submarines 0-88363-103-2
Yoga 0-88363-509-7

Title ISBN
The Army 0-88363-101-6
Beijing & Xi'an 0-88363-159-8
China's Splendors 0-88363-158-X
Family Scrapbooks: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 0-88363-935-1
Golf Courses of Hawaii 0-88363-845-2
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2002
The Jewish Wall Calendar 2002
Law in America: An Illustrated Celebration 0-88363-377-9
Spectacular Canada 0-88363-934-3
Spectacular India 0-88363-849-5
United States Naval Aviation 0-88363-102-4

Title ISBN
Chinese Americans: The Immigrant Experience 0-88363-128-8
Fabergé: The Forbes Collection 0-88363-829-0
Golf Digest: Golf's Greatest Players, Courses, and Voices 0-88363-500-3
Great Scrapbooks: Ideas, Tips, & Techniques 0-88363-927-0
Italian Americans: The Immigrant Experience 0-88363-126-1
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2001
The Jewish Wall Calendar 2001
The Louvre 0-88363-501-1
Marines Calendar 2001
The Musée d'Orsay 0-88363-502-X
The Navy 0-88363-100-8
Navy Calendar 2001
Powers That Be 0-88363-931-9
Shells: Treasures of the Sea (2nd Edition) 0-88363-595-X
Spectacular Australia 0-88363-846-0
Tradition!: Celebration and Ritual in Jewish Life 0-88363-697-2

Title ISBN
America's Spectacular
National Parks
The Echidna: Australia's Enigma 0-88363-788-X
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2000
The Jewish Wall Calendar 2000
The National Audubon Society: Speaking for Nature 0-88363-371-X
Scrapbooking with Memory Makers 0-88363-928-9
Spectacular Golf 0-88363-499-6
Spectacular Ireland 0-88363-339-6
Van Gogh in Provence and Auvers 0-88363-341-8

Title ISBN
Christmas Treasures 0-88363-839-8
Hanna-Barbera Cartoons 0-88363-362-0
Irish Americans: The Immigrant Experience 0-88363-337-X
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 1999
The Jewish Wall Calendar 1999
The Marines 0-88363-198-9
Mexican Art Masterpieces 0-88363-598-4
Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Architecture 0-88363-331-0
Spectacular Alaska 0-88363-327-2
Spectacular Israel 0-88363-340-X
Stamp-A-Birthday 0-88363-929-7
Stamp-A-Love Note
Wildlife of North America 0-88363-330-2

Title ISBN
American Impressionists: A Postcard Portfolio
Animals of Africa 0-88363-368-X
The Art Quilt 0-88363-325-6
Audubon's Birds of America: A Postcard Portfolio
Bench and Bar: Great Legal Caricatures
Bridal Style (Concise Edition)
Great Guitars
Great Paintings of the Western World
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 1998
The Jewish Wall Calendar 1998
Native American Art: A Postcard Portfolio
Spectacular China 0-88363-328-0
Treasures of Jewish Art 0-88363-329-9
Warner Bros. Animation Art 0-88363-360-4
The Western Wall

Title ISBN
American Impressionists Calendar 1997
The Art of Hanukkah 0-88363-369-8
Audubon Calendar 1997
Birds of North America
Cassat: A Retrospective
Floral Style 0-88363-099-0
Fractal Art
Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces 0-88363-396-5
Impressionist Masterpieces in American Museums
Impressionist Masterpieces: Postcard Portfolio
Impressionists Calendar 1997
Jewish Art: Postcard Portfolio
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 1997
The Jewish Wall Calendar 1997
Monet Calendar 1997
Native American Art Masterpieces
Norman Rockwell Calendar 1997
Shells: Treasures of the Sea 0-88363-595-X
Stamp-A-Christian Greeting 0-88363-930-0
Van Gogh Calendar 1997
Western Art Masterpieces

Title ISBN
Baseball: A Treasury of Art and Literature (Paperback)
Chagall: A Retrospective 0-88363-355-8
Irish Art Masterpieces
The Irish: A Treasury of Art and Literature (Paperback) 0-88363-966-1
Jewish Art 0-88363-361-2
Jewish Art Masterpieces 0-88363-478-3
The Jewish Calendar 1996
The Jews: A Treasury of Art and Literature (Paperback) 0-88363-964-5
Quilts: A Living Tradition
Stamp-A-Christmas 0-88363-895-9
The World of Baby Animals

Anne of Green Gables
The Art of Passover
Bridal Style
Impressionists Calendar 1995
Irish Book of Days
Jewish Calendar 1995
The Jews in America
Monet Calendar 1995
Native American Art
Space: Discovery and Exploration
Spectacular America
Splendors of the Sea
Van Gogh Calendar 1995
The West: A Treasury of Art and Literature

America's Traditional Crafts
Baseball: A Treasury of Art and Literature
Fifty-Four Ways You Can Help the Homeless
The Irish: A Treasury of Art and Literature
Jewish Calendar 1994
Little Women
Monet Calendar 1994
The Post-Impressionists: A Retrospective
Secret Garden
The South: A Treasury of Art and Literature
Van Gogh's Calendar 1994

Black Beauty
Cat Lover's Book of Days
Civil War: A Treasury of Art and Literature
The Grand Canyon
Italian Painting
Jewish Calendar 1993
The Jews: A Treasury of Art and Literature
The Jungle Books
Law: The Art of Justice
Medicine: The Art of Healing
Monet Calendar 1993
Physician's Book of Days
Toulouse-Lautrec: A Retrospective

African Art Masterpieces
American Impressionist Masterpieces
Art Deco Masterpieces
Duck Stamps and Prints: Revised
French Painting
Winslow Homer Watercolors
The Impressionists: A Retrospective
Jewish Calendar 1992
Lawyer's Book of Days
Medicine: A Treasury of Art and Literature
Muppet Babies Classic Nursury Rhymes

American Painting
Christo: Five Projects
Duck Stamp Calendar 1991
Faberge Book of Days
Faberge Eggs
Jewish Calendar 1991
Law: A Treasury of Art and Literature
Muppet Babies Classic Children's Tales
Porsche: The Fine Art of the Sports Car

American Waterfowl
Duck Stamp Calendar 1990
Faberge and the Russian Master Goldsmiths
Images of Nature
Jewish Calendar 1990
Milestones of Aviation: National Air and Space Museum
Whistler: A Retrospective
Women Artists' Book of Days

The Bar Mitzvah Book
Chagall Discovered
Duck Stamps and Prints
Grandmother's Book
Jewish Book of Days
Jewish Calendar 1989
Manet: A Retrospective
Matisse: A Retrospective
Monet: Waterlilies
Quilt Masterpieces
Vatican Calendar 1989

America's Glorious Quilts
Astrological Art Calendar 1988
The Garden Book
Gauguin: A Retrospective
House Book
Jewish Calendar 1988
Renoir: A Retrospective
Susan Rios
Norman Rockwell Calendar 1988
Whispering Veils
Vatican Calendar 1988
The Wine Book

Astrological Art Calendar 1987
The Great Masters
The Guest Book
Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Jewish Calendar 1987
Pacific Stars and Stripes: Vietnam Front Pages
Norman Rockwell Calendar 1987
Van Gogh: A Retrospective

Bride's Book
Christmas Book
Jewish Calendar 1986
Monet: A Retrospective
The Stars and Stripes: World War II Front Pages

Baby's Book
Christo: Surrounded Islands
Jewish Calendar 1985
Thomas McKnight
The Settlement Cookbook 1903

The Original Fannie Farmer Cook Book--1896
The Human Condition
In the Beginning