Animals of Africa
by Thomas B. Allen
With an introduction by Jane Goodall

Explore the diverse animal population of Africa--Jane Goodall's "endangered ark"--in this stunning collection of more than 200 photographs from the world's finest wildlife photographers.

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From lions hunting, baboons foraging, and elephants trekking, to sleeping cheetahs, tree-sitting gorillas, and balletic giraffes, animals in the wild have long fascinated man. Animals of Africa celebrates the diversity of the African natural world in this magnificent book that contains more than 200 striking photographs by four of the world's most talented wildlife photographers--Jim Brandenburg, Mitsuaki Iwago, Frans Lanting, and Michael Nichols.

Lively text and extraordinary images capture fleeting moments of animal behavior and the grandeur of the exquisite African landscape in all its moods--from desert and scrub land to savannah, mountain, and rain forest to the forgotten Eden of Madagascar.

Jane Goodall, whose work pioneered new ways to study animal behavior, reveals the intricacies of chimpanzee society. She urges us to instill hope for the future in our children by harnessing their energy and concern about the world, so that, again, we can live in harmony with nature.

Animals of Africa brings the continent's wonders to the armchair traveler through dozens of striking pictures: a lithe cheetah streaks across the savannah after prey at 70 miles an hour, the fastest speed for any land mammal. In counterpoint to this stark depiction of elemental struggle between the hunters and the hunted, a portrait of lionesses caring for offspring provides a glimpse of tranquil domestic life within the pride. Herds of wildebeest, who can sometimes number as many as 1.5 million, move in endless migration across the Serengeti Plain; giraffes, towering almost 20 feet high, browse the treetops; and okapi use tongues so long they can clean their own eyes. The majesty of elephants in stately parade is balanced by images of their matriarchs nurturing and instructing their young. The other land giant, the rhinoceros, is shown in a moment of maternal concern, protecting her calf from marauding hyenas.

The powerful images in Animals of Africa will deepen your appreciation of the natural world, of the fragility of life, and of the imperative to preserve animals and the wildernesses in which they live.

10 1/8 x 12 1/2 in., 252 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-368-X

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