The Art Quilt
by Robert Shaw

A celebration of the marriage between the traditional quilt and the visual artist.

This is a special Beaux Arts reprint edition available at a discounted price in limited quantities only.

cover image The art quilt is the creative, emotional, and often precocious child of its parent medium, the traditional bed quilt. This book, written by quilt expert Robert Shaw, celebrates the marriage of two fields of creative endeavor that over the last several decades have produced fascinating, inspiring, and dazzling fabric art. Subjects range from stunning abstractions to beautiful landscape and nature studies to compelling narrative works. An insightful text traces the transformation of the quilt from bedcover to display piece, the quilter from homemaker to academically trained artist, the workshop from kitchen to studio, and the materials from simple to complex. Here is a look at an art form that is both grounded in tradition and yet committed to originality and innovation, an often difficult position that is addressed here with uncompromising directness.

This breathtaking book, filled with 300 colorplates of the most wonderful and important art quilts ever created, reveals a dazzling display of what happens when tradition meets the modern world. It focuses on the finest contemporary quilters--Michael James, Yvonne Porcella, Julia Pfaff, and Nancy Crow among them--and includes many rising stars as well. Beautifully presented full-color illustrations and informative descriptions of important technical processes and leaders in the art quilt field make this sumptuous book a must for any collector or quilter.

10 3/4 x 14 in., 312 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-325-6

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