Baby's Scrapbook

Illustrated by Judy Pelikan

Record treasured memories in this deluxe illustrated volume
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Cover Image Baby's Scrapbook, with joyous illustrations by Judy Pelikan, offers us the opportunity to tell the story of the first year of our baby's life in a beautiful, innovative family album. Two books in one, Baby's Scrapbook offers an independent initial section of ideas and techniques on creating scrapbook pages, and then presents the pages--48 of them, with delightful original illustrations created just for this book--enclosed in protective acetate sleeves. We provide the place and the space; you provide the photos and the storeis. The finished pages offer a stunning personal book of memories which your child will cherish always as a reminder of how much he or she is loved.

Included in a die-cut, illustrated pocket page separating the independent first section from the scrapbook pages are eight sheets of decorative paper printed on two sides, a page of template shapes, and a sheet of charming alphabet stickers specially designed for this book.

Personalize the cover of the scrapbook by adding your baby's name onto a label with the alphabet stickers provided and placing the label on the front cover just below the title. Or crop a photo of your baby, glue it to the front cover, and add the name.

The completed Baby's Scrapbook is a gift of love from the opening words, "From the moment you arrived you captured our hearts," to the closing, "Always remember how much you are loved."
Above and Right:Personalize your scrapbook with the enclosed alphabet stickers and memorable photos



8 1/2 x 10 7/8 in., 56 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-941-6
$25.00 U.S.

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