Birds of North America
by Noel Grove

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Who of us has not felt a powerful pull as we watched a bird take flight, or simply, at some point, wanted to feel as "free as a bird"? The natural world of birds holds a powerful fascination for anyone who enjoys nature.

America has the most diverse bird population in the world. Birds of North America offers an outstanding collection of more than 200 color photos by America's greatest bird photographers—photos of melodious warblers and wailing loons, soaring egrets and swooping hawks, delicate hummingbirds and industrious woodpeckers. Chapters on songbirds, raptors, game birds, "specialists," shorebirds, and waterbirds draw us into a world of creatures who delight and inspire.

Lively, informative text provides rich detail and interesting background on the behavior of birds as well as a sense of the intangible qualities that make birds so fascinating to us. Here we can marvel at the physiology of the songbird's larynx or the "eagle-eyed" hawk, chuckle at the courtship displays of the sharp-tailed grouse or the "librarian-like" woodcock, or wonder at the radical flying style of the hummingbird—the smallest bird in the world, sometimes mistaken for a large bee. Birds of North America is a stunning exploration of a fascinating world. Incredible images emerge from this powerful material to give us new insight and appreciation of our feathered emissaries to the natural world, reminding us that we must never let that world completely disappear.

10 1/8 x 12 1/2 in., 252 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-796-0

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