Books of Days

Record memorable dates in these charming Books of Days, not matched to any one calendar. Each 5 1/8 x 6 1/2-inch book features points of interest for each day and is illustrated with 32 stunning colorplates.

The Cat Lovers Book of Days

Drawn from literature, legend, and some little-known lore, the cat facts that accompany each day of this perpetual journal will enhance the allure of America's favorite pet.

ISBN 0-88363-092-3
The Irish Book of Days

Featuring a significant Irish fact for every day of the year, The Irish Book of Days offers a fascinating overview of Irish history, religion, politics, art, and literature.

ISBN 0-88363-294-2
The Jewish Book of Days

The perfect gift for the Jewish home, The Jewish Book of Days provides a permanent record of the family's weddings, births, deaths, yahrzeits (anniversaries of deaths), and other annually observed occasions. The book's handsome illustrations feature Judaica from various eras.

ISBN 0-88363-388-4
The Lawyers Book of Days

In this handsome aide-memoire for the legal professional, significant events in legal history are noted for each date. The book's beautiful color reproductions illustrate the environs, lives, and accomplishments of lawyers at work.

ISBN 0-88363-291-8
The Physicians Book of Days

Each day in this concise anthology of medical milestones describes an advance in humanity's ability to combat disease, triumph over ignorance and pain, and prolong life. Illustrating the book are reproductions of art related to medicine from ancient Egypt to the present day United States.

ISBN 0-88363-392-2
The Women Artists Book of Days

This celebration of women artists highlights an important, daily event in women's history with full-color reproductions of works by some of the world's most influential women artists including Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Frieda Kahlo, and Georgia O'Keeffe.

ISBN 0-88363-481-3

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