Bridal Style
Concise Edition

by Nancy Davis

Everyone loves a wedding--the celebration of a lifetime. And whether that celebration is a solemn ritual with hundreds in attendance or a tender, private moment, a wedding day for most couples is meaningful and memorable, a day of joyous commotion. Months of planning and preparation culminate in this day of celebration.

Where does a bride go to look for ideas for the perfect wedding, the most glorious wedding dress, the most beautiful cake, the most luxurious flowers? Where can she find the richest variety of possibilities from which to style her own wedding festivities?

Bridal Style, Concise Edition offers the very best, and more, from our popular book Bridal Style. A beautifully illustrated book of ideas for the perfect wedding, this version discusses choices, from the most appropriate ceremony site to the ideal setting for the reception to suitable flowers and wedding cake. Bridal Style, Concise Edition gives the bride-to-be the confidence to plan a celebration that will reflect her wishes as well as those of her groom.

No longer bound by strict tradition, many brides today are planning wedding celebrations that reflect their own individual styles. With lively, informative text and luxurious photographs featuring wedding fashions, ceremonies, receptions, flowers, and cakes, both wedding books from Levin Associates offer fabulous ideas to make every wedding a celebration dreams are made of.

8 3/4 x 8 3/4 in., 120 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-597-6
$25.00 U.S., $40.00 Canada

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