For Fall 2006
America's Sports Car
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

By Jerry Burton

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During its 50 plus year history, the Corvette has developed into much more than an automotive nameplate. It has become one of the world's most recognized automobiles. How the Chevrolet Corvette came to be one of the most popular sports cars in the world—and the longest-running automotive nameplate in Chevrolet history—is a rich and compelling story that combines politics, passion, performance, design, and popular culture. The uniquely American Corvette has become a worldwide icon much like the Coca-Cola symbol, the McDonald's arches, Marilyn Monroe, or Elvis. It is a symbol for freedom, speed, power, and fun.

Corvette: America's Sports Car—Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow, contains over 330 pages of text and photographs documenting the genesis and evolution of this treasured American icon. The volume contains many never-before-published photographs from deep within the archives of General Motors as well as a comprehensive story drawn from exclusive interviews with the many risk-taking engineers and designers who defied conventional thinking in creating this uniquely American automobile. The book explores the Corvette both in terms of its design, engineering, and racing genealogy as well as its impact on people and popular culture.

Corvette: America's Sports Car—Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow enables the history of America's beloved sports car to be cherished and enjoyed at home in a stylishly handsome volume, and with its custom cover design—in Corvette red with a sixth-generation Corvette crossed-flags hood emblem affixed to it—proud to display.

Table of Contents
* Introduction—Setting the Stage
* Generation One—The Curvaceous Years 1953-1962
* Generation Two—The Sting Ray Years 1963-1967
* Generation Three—The Shark Era 1968-1982
* Generation Four—A Triumph of Technology 1984-1996
* Generation Five—A Bold New Architecture
* Generation Six Attaining Supercar Status 2005-
* Epilogue—Future Generations

Coming Fall 2006
11.25 x 14 in., 336 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-121-0
$75.00 U.S.

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