The Forbes Collection

by Christopher Forbes and Robyn Tromeur-Brenner

The Forbes Fabergé Collection is one of the finest art exhibitions in New York. This new book tours the highlights of that beautiful collection

Cover image Fifth Avenue in New York City houses many treats, but one of its more sumptuous offerings is a gem of a museum--the Forbes Fabergé collection. Containing more than 400 objets d'art and 12 Imperial Easter Eggs, this tiny museum is a treasure trove of artistic and historical masterpieces. Selected from this collections are hundreds of the finest objects and the dozen Imperial Easter Eggs that form the highlights of the collection.

One hundred and twenty colorplates, each accompanied by its own detailed essay, forms the core of this book. Printed on elegant laid paper and accompanied by twenty-six tip-ons, this elegant volume also contains important pertinent information regarding the creation of each piece. Furthermore, a genealogy of the European Royal families, commissioners of the majority of the pieces plus detailied information on the provenance and workmasters who created each piece, and a selected bibliography combine to make this the most complete volume ever published on the fabulous and unique collection owned by the Forbes family.

10 x 13 3/4 in., 296 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-829-0
$100.00 U.S., $155.00 Canada

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