Fabergé Eggs
Masterpieces from Czarist Russia

by Susanna Pfeffer

Highlights of one of the world's most unique art forms and most celebrated artists

Turn-of-the-century master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé produced a staggering assortment of objets d'art and jewelry, but he is best known for his extraordinary Easter eggs. Commissioned yearly by czars Alexander III and Nicholas II, these exquisite treasures feature intricate designs in gold, silver, platinum, enamel and precious stones. The rare beauty and craftsmanship of these splendid creations is revealed here in 48 large colorplates of over three dozen eggs from museums, galleries, and private collections. Also seen are the miniature "surprises" contained in the egs: hidden portraits, model ships, wind-up toys and trains, enameled rosebuds, and other tiny wonders.

The text includes an introduction to the House of Faberge and Czarist Russia, as well as authoritative commentary on each of the eggs, and a glossary.

9 x 12 in., 110 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-090-7
$35.00 U.S.

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