Family Scrapbooks
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

by Michele Gerbrandt and Deborah Cannarella

Preserve your family's treasured memories in a creative album

cover image Scrapbooks are a meaningful way to celebrate and record our connection to the past. They tell timeless stories. They reach across time to the people and traditions of our past, record the special events of our present, and preserve our most cherished memories for future generations. Family Scrapbooks: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow will inspire you and lead you through the process of telling your family's own timeless story across generations. With many step-by-step instructions and colorful, creative examples of more than 100 pages of original scrapbook art, you'll learn how to work with the materials, techniques, and patterns of the past and present--from creating a family tree and designing decade pages to starting young scrapbookers on pages of their own. A cross-referenced, illustrated glossary of techniques will make it easy for you to choose and find the techniques you'd like to use. Tips and supply lists will help you along the way.

We make memories every day. Sometimes, the day is a special and festive occasion--like a wedding, birthday, or holiday celebration. Others are just ordinary, filled with the usual, shared family routines. Or maybe a day that holds a hidden surprise--a twist or turn or impromptu event that takes on a special and lasting meaning. No matter what kind of day it is, each of our todays will be a treasured memory tomorrow--for us and for our children and grandchildren.

Combine new methods with old as you merge your past and present. Translate everyday events and shared family routines into beautiful or whimsical pages that capture your special memories. Punch art, pop-ups and lift-the-flap pages, and kaleidoscopes will bring your story to life. Scrapbooks celebrate the importance of even the simplest times that we share with friends and family. With some thought and planning--and some creativity and fun--you can design pages that capture the essence of each of the days in your family's lives, days that you and future generations won't want to forget.

10 x 10 in., 120 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-935-1
$25.00 U.S.

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