Floral Style
The Art of Arranging Flowers

by Vena Lefferts with John Kelsey

Everyone loves flowers--irresistible gifts from the earth. With lavish illustrations and informative text, Floral Style offers a glorious selection of stylish floral ideas from many of the finest floral designers, reveals the tricks of successful floral design, and brings the designing magic to life in more than three hundred color photographs.

Imaginatively arranged flowers add a special note to every setting and any occasion. A burst of bright color, an enticing fragrance, the intriguing patterns of foliage remind us of nature's bounty and beauty. Creating displays that catch the eye or soothe the soul is an art that anyone can learn, a satisfying confluence of know-how, inspiration, and imagination. Featuring beautiful floral arrangements for everyday as well as special occasions, advice on selecting and creating appropriate floral containers, preparing and conditioning the flowers, and finding dried, silk and ceramic flowers, Floral Style provides ideas and inspiration for hundreds of arrangements of flowers, from almost effortless-looking simple bouquets of blossoms fresh from the garden to unusual, sophisticated, stylish arrangements of the finest exotica for formal settings and elaborate occasions.

The fundamentals of harmonizing flower size, color, shape, and vase-life are here, along with tips on designing arrangements that complement the scale and decor of their settings. Innovative ideas for relaxing the "rules" and stretching traditions help you to express your own individual style and reflect your mood and spirit.

Floral Style's photographs of the work of some of the world's finest floral designers are sure to stimulate your imagination. There are welcoming wreaths made of simple, easily found materials; playful clusters of garden flowers to enhance a kitchen, hallway, or an outdoor table; stunning formal arrangements of exotic blooms; and holiday garlands to grace seasonal festivities; as well as dried, silk, and ceramic arrangements for more permanent creations. An illustrated glossary of favorite flowers features a color photograph and capsule information on the size, color, conditioning, vase-life and gardening care for each entry.

11 1/2 x 10 7/8 in., 252 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-099-0
$40.00 U.S., $60.00 Canada

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