The Grand Canyon
by Letitia Burns O'Connor

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That the Grand Canyon would become one of the most visited sites in the world--four million tourists from around the world make the journey to northwestern Arizona each year--must have seemed implausible to the government scientists who first explored it on horseback and in rigid wooden boats in the latter years of the nineteenth century. To persuade government officials of the importance of protecting this unparalleled site, great artists and photographers were included on the expeditions to record its ancient geologic formations and depict its awe-inspiring vistas.

Works by these early artists and photographers, as well as color-filled contemporary photography, are included in this sumptuous volume, which captures the visual grandeur of the canyon that inspires awe, pride, and reverence in all visitors. The large horizontal format, designed to express this expansive landscape, includes four foldout plates and more than 150 color plates.

Photographers Jack Hillers, William Bell, and Timothy O'Sullivan illustrated the first government reports with images that reveal the canyon's vastness and complexity. Painters, especially Thomas Moran, expressed the extraordinary beauty of the place and formed the majestic image of it that remains an icon of the American landscape. Contemporary photographers reveal the splendor of the Grand Canyon from all vantage points, at all seasons. Included are works by David Muench, Tom Bean, John Blaustein, Greg Probst, D.T. DeDomenico, Paul Vucetich, John Running, Dana Levy, and Michael Collier.

16 x 10 5/8 in., 128 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-969-6

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