Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces
by Robert Shaw

In a land where the warmth afforded by a wool- or cotton-filled quilt is anything but a necessity, quiltmaking takes on an entirely new and different meaning

Bringing elements of their Polynesian heritage to the American quilt, nineteenth-century Hawaiians created a distinctive and beautiful art form that is still actively practiced throughout the islands. Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces presents 55 remarkable historic and contemporary quilts, all reproduced in full color, which trace the history of the islands: from the early influences of missionaries and traders, to annexation by the United States and subsequent statehood, to the current concerns of today's Hawaiian quilt masters.

Hawaii's stunning quilts capture the essence of the islands' overwhelming natural beauty. Early quilters developed the beloved Hawaiian appliqué quilt, its lovely floral designs cut like giant snowflakes from a single piece of cloth. They also created the unique tradition of the flag quilt, made to memorialize the glorious past of the Hawaiian kingdom that fell when the United States annexed the islands in 1898. This volume offers some of the finest examples of the islands' fabric art, highlighted by works of such masterful island quiltmakers as Elizabeth Akana, Sharon Balai, and Junedale Lauwaeomakana Quinories, whose clever variations on classic designs and techniques are spiced with subtle twists of modernity. This book's insightful and informative text tells how the designs of these extraordinary creations are grounded in spirituality, the indigenous flora, and the visual expression of history.

Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces is the first new book on the subject in many years and is sure to become a standard reference in the field. If you are a lover of quilts, and if the idyllic geography and fascinating lore of the Hawaiian Islands lures you, then this is the perfect guide to the exotic and beautiful world of Hawaiian quilts.

9 x 12 in., 120 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-396-5
$35.00 U.S., $47.50 Canada

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