The Irish
A Treasury of Art and Literature

edited by Leslie Conron Carola

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The Irish: A Treasury of Art and Literature is a lavishly illustrated overview of Irish culture. It reveals the breadth of the Irish experience through selected texts and images that mark momentous developments in art, religion, politics, and everyday life. Evoking the tone and texture of Irish life, the carefully chosen texts of stories, plays, poetry, essays, letters, and political documents combine with images of ancient sites, precious objects (both religious and secular), illuminated manuscripts, paintings, drawings, and prints to convey the passion, eloquence, and diversity of Irish cultural history.

The glorious legacy of Irish art and literature has survived centuries of foreign invasion, famine, and civil war to offer a rich portrait of a proud and complex country. Included in this book are excerpts from myths and legends of pagan Celtic folklore, early Christian writers such as St. Patrick, literary masters Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, and Lady Augusta Gregory, as well as contemporary works by Patrick Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney, and others. A special section acknowledges the over forty-three million Americans who claim at least partial Irish ancestry with works by Eugene O'Neil, Mary Gordon, Thomas Flanagan, Ray Bradbury, and many others.

Literature in the finest tradition has long been acknowledged as one of Ireland's most precious gifts, but less well known is the extraordinary depth and beauty of Irish art. The more than 200 illustrations provide a historical perspective of the many facets of Irish artfrom the magnificent metalwork of ancient times--embodied in gold jewelry, book shrines, and religious artifacts such as the Ardagh Chalice--to the thriving contemporary crafts of silver, crystal, fabric, and stained glass. Paintings from many periods depict the mysterious island beauty that is the creative wellspring for Irish artists and writers.

9 5/8 x 13 in., 384 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-966-1

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