The Jews
A Treasury of Art and Literature

edited by Sharon R. Keller

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During the thousands of years of their existence, the Jews have maintained their distinct identity while coming into contact with a wide variety of peoples, religions, and intellectual movements. This identity is based on a history and literature that is shared by Jews the world over, enabling them to feel a kinship to those who may dress differently and speak a different tongue in their daily life. Their shared sense of origin and their shared sense of destiny have enabled them to survive many challenges to their existence through the centuries. The cross-cultural contacts of the Jewish people have also enabled them to serve as a source of enrichment to those cultures in which they lived.

This magnificent anthology of Jewish art and literature reveals the depth and breadth of the Jewish experience. Excerpts from traditional religious literature, including the Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrash state the foundating principles of the Jewish faith. Writings span from philosophical: Spinoza, Mendelsohn, Freud, Einstein, through non-Jewish societal portrayals: Shakespeare, George Washington, Bonaparte. The terrors of the Holocaust are expressed through Anne Frank, Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel and Primo Levi to the jubilation of building a new nation as told by Golda Meir and Ben Gurion.

Accompanying the texts are nearly 140 color and 100 black and white illustrations representing the scope of Jewish arts and crafts from antiquities to the present: ceremonial objects, fabrics, precious metals, stained glass, and paintings from many periods and countries, including such 20th century artifacts as Marc Chagall and Larry Rivers.

An incomparable diary of the Jewish experience emerges through the works of history's most sage and expressive Jews, a wealth of resources that bear testimony to the faith, character, and perseverance of the Jewish people.

9 5/8 x 13 in., 384 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-964-5

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