Law In America
An Illustrated Celebration

by S. Blair Kauffman and Bonnie Collier

cover image When the British colonies decided to establish themselves as a new country unto themselves, they were faced with many different decisions. One of the most important of these was to establish, promote, and uphold new laws that would protect their new-found freedoms and the many issues inherent in the growth of the new nation. How were these laws to be enforced? Who would create the new justice system? How would schools be established in which to train the lawyers to assist in the explanations and implementation of these laws? What type of court system would exist? Would it be based on the Common Law practices of Mother England, or on the Civil Law system that emerged from the burgeoning democracy in France?

Law in America celebrates the establishment, growth, and continual change that the practice of American law has undergone over the past two and a half centuries. The ability to adapt to the continual changes necessitated by American freedoms has been one of the hallmarks of law and its practice in American society. Kauffman and Collier, law librarians and professors at Yale University Law School, take readers through the decisions and events that have collectively formed the American legal system. With chapters on The Courts, Landmark Cases, and Famous Trials, we see the formation of the legal structure and legal precedents. Chapters on Media Sensations and Law and Popular Culture chronicle the history of popular perception of lawyers and, by extension, the legal system they purport to facilitate. The Practice of Law, Legal Education, and the Future of the Lawyer in America center on the individuals who have helped to interpret existing laws and practices and carve out new legal frontiers.

Accompanying this informative text are photographs, paintings, and cartoons that speak to the uniqueness and importance of the American justice system, and highlight its path of continual progress as new issues arise that at once require historical perspective and modern thinking.

10 3/4 x 14 in., 280 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-377-9
$75.00 U.S.

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