Keepsake Books

Record treasured memories in these deluxe volumes illustrated with classic paintings. Each 64-page, 8 1/2 x 11-inch book features 14 color illustrations and has a padded cover with a color inlay and gold stamping.

The Bride's Book
The Baby's Book
Every bride-to-be who uses this gorgeous album will value it more with each passing year. Offering ample space for the bride to set down all the facts and thoughts that might otherwise be lost in the excitement of preparing a wedding, it also features paintings on the theme of weddings by such artists as Chagall, Rembrandt, Grandma Moses, Breughel, and Norman Rockwell.

ISBN 0-88363-085-0
This beautiful album of a baby's first year is designed to give pleasure over the years to parent and child alike. In addition to the many pages that are devoted to baby's growth and development, the book contains 14 famous paintings of babies by such great artists as Picasso, Renoir, and Mary Cassatt, each exquisitely reproduced in full color.

ISBN 0-88363-084-2
The Bar Mitzvah Book
Grandmother's Book
This handsome volume is the ideal gift for the Bar Mitzvah boy, designed for recording the highlights of this important and festive event. Pages hand lettered in calligraphy are intended to be filled in by the boy and his family to record the service.

Included are pages for memories of the foregone year, the party, guests' autographs, gifts received, and thank-you notes sent.

ISBN 0-88363-088-5
Designed in handwritten calligraphy, the pages of this delightful book provide a place for grandmothers to record their favorite memories for their grandchildren. The book is further enhanced by charming, evocative color reproductions of works by famous artists depicting children and their grandparents.

ISBN 0-88363-588-7

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