Mexican Art Masterpieces
by Marcus B. Burke

From Mayan pottery to Rivera's murals, the unique qualities of Mexican art have fascinated art lovers and collectors for centuries.

Mexico is a land of varied cultural and political heritages and the art that has sprung from this mélange of traditions has a unique and compelling history of its own. The great mix of races and the assorted influences of an often changing political and social system over the centuries forced Mexicans to search carefully for their national identity, and they looked to art and literature for a sense of distinction.

Mexico's artistic history has been evolving for more than two thousand years and modern Mexican art embodies elements and characteristics of centuries of indigenous art. Imbued with traces of ancient mysticism and combining both pagan and Christian beliefs, Mexican art is both visual and narrative in nature--as colorful and complex as the Mexican people themselves. Mexican Art Masterpieces showcases 48 unique and fascinating pieces of Mexican art--ancient ceramic statues and mosaic masks from the Mayans and Aztecs; tomb facades and interior temple reliefs; feather pictures; monstrances; classically inspired paintings by artists of the viceregal period including Baltasar de Echeve Orio and Juan Rodriguez Juarez; nineteenth-century masterpieces by Obregon and Velasco; and twentieth-century favorites including works by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, Frieda Kahlo, and others.

Dr. Marcus B. Burke combines scholarship with passionate storytelling in the 48 essays that accompany the works, revealing the complicated connections between Mexican politics, society, and art. Mexican Art Masterpieces is a small treasure in the vast history of the creative and individualistic artistic endeavors of the Mexican people.

9 x 12 in., 120 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-598-4
$35.00 U.S., $50.00 Canada

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