Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Magic

By Andrea Grossman and Leslie Conron Carola

cover image Filled with innovative ideas, fun tips, and techniques for creating fabulous sticker art projects, Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Magic offers everything you need to know to become a creative sticker artist. Start with simple two-sticker combinations and work your way to advanced compositions and techniques. Catch the bug, and have fun doing it!

Learn to create scenes and tell stories with stickers using basic design principles. Cut stickers or even add color to get the most from them. Create dramatic and exciting 3-dimensional sticker art by raising stickers ("popping" them) with foam mounting tape. Use the mirror-image stickers back-to-back to create fabulous three-dimensional, view-from-all-sides artwork.

"Stickers are great communicators," says Mrs. Grossman. "They say things without words." Sticker art is quick, easy, and very gratifying. Cards, scrapbooks, and household items are all suitable for sticker art. They are simple to use, but once you see how they work together, you'll have new appreciation for the humble sticker. No longer just for kids, stickers are a great new art form—just like scrapbooking. quilling, or paper folding. Want to refresh those lunch boxes for your child, dress up your telephone list, make a picture frame, create exquisite invitations or place cards, or stunning scrapbook pages? Sticker art is the answer. You can find all these projects and much more in Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Magic.

Decorative stickers transform an object. Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company, the largest designer and manufacturer of decorative stickers in the country, (they print 15,000 miles of stickers annually—enough to circle half the globe) has led the way from Mrs. Grossman's rolls of simple red heart stickers to the stunning textured, color-coordinated products and imaginative artwork offered by Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company today.

Included in a pocket on the inside back cover is a PVC template designed just for this book, and a sheet of Mrs. Grossman's stickers, selected exclusively for this book.

10 x 10 in., 128 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-707-3
$30.00 U.S.

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