Powers That Be
Discover the Amazing Powers of the Energies Around You

by Walter Woods
with Marin Gazzaniga

Experience for yourself "the powers that be" and forevermore see the world in a slightly different way

Auras, chakras, dowsing--not concepts in which people are supposed to believe. Or are they? These concepts date back thousands of years. They have had a deep significance to generations of people and cultures who have passed them down to us through the centuries.

The Powers That Be gives you a brief introduction to these concepts, and provides the simple tools (devices) needed to begin exploring these phenomena. Walter Woods likes to define dowsing as "a mother's intuition with a read-out device." Approach the book and activities with an open mind and the spirit of fun, and what you discover will astound you. Use the book, pendulum, L-rods, and other materials to see auras, measure energy fields, measure the body's energy zones (chakras), and even perform feats of strength. Learn to create balance and well-being for a better life, to focus your energy, to find and utilize your own creativity, to develop your intuition, to encourage harmony in yourself and in relation to others. You will be better prepared to meet life's challenges.

8 x 14 in., 120 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-931-9
$25.00 U.S.

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