Shells: Treasures of the Sea
by Leonard Hill

From nature's infinite variety of life in the sea, seashells are the prize.

From the extraordinary architectural detail of the chambered nautilus to the varied hues of the senatorial scallop, Shells: Treasures of the Sea boasts more than three hundred color photographs of shells from all over the globe in all of their striking diversity. The book also features rare photographs, many published here for the first time, of the fascinating creatures that create these elaborate shell homes.

More than just the fancy of beachcombers and collectors, shells have been valued and appreciated for centuries by many societies. This splendid volume traces the long history of shells in arts and crafts, commerce and trade, science and nature. Here are examples of Iroquois money belts made from the shell of the quahog; a cowrie headdress used by a Mali witch doctor; the scallop shell motif in ancient art and architecture. In addition, the book features rare photographs of the fascinating creatures that live within and create shells, with information on their life cycles and habits. Also included is information on the shell's evolutionary history and classification, as well as current data on collecting practices and trends, and the environmental issues associated with collection and conservation.

Shells: Treasures of the Sea is an art gallery of one of nature's unique creations, making it a book as suitable for a collector of shells as for a collector of fine art.

10 5/8 x 14 in., 320 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-595-X
$75.00 U.S., $110.00 Canada

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