Simple Scrapbooks:
Ideas and Techniques

by the Editors of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine with Deborah Cannarella

see also: Great Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is about discovering ways we're connected to our past and the people, places, and things around us. Discover, celebrate, and preserve the connections that are uniquely yours. Enjoy a new approach to scrapbooking; the ideas are inspiring, the time commitment minimal, and the style simple and clean.

Simple Scrapbooks: Ideas and Techniques welcomes both the novice scrapbooker and one with little available time into the fun and rewarding hobby of easy-to-do scrapbooking with a variety of wonderful projects right from the pages of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Time-saving tips for quick pages and step-by-step instructions for completing a scrapbook in a few days fill the pages of this handsomely illustrated book. Scrapbookers are encouraged to think about what's most important to them first, and then to gather the photos to illustrate these thoughts and feelings.

Filled with manageable projects that provide a sense of accomplishment whether created for yourself or for others. Simple Scrapbooks: Ideas and Techniques offers chapters on organizing an album, design basics — balance, focal point, color, photos, journaling, decorative accents, mini albums, and creating digital pages. Full-color projects on each page focus on the technique or process. Special tips are included where appropriate. A source guide is included in the back of the book.

With a little planning, scrapbooking can be fun, simple, and fast! The book presents ideas and techniques for creating unique, beautiful, and meaningful scrapbook pages that are fun and easy to create, that do not make unnecessary demands on time and skills.

10 x 10 in., 128 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-705-7
$30.00 U.S.

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