American Cities Today and Yesterday

By M. Hill Goodspeed

cover image With the completion of the world's first skyscraper in Chicago in 1885, the modern city skyline was born. The 180-foot steel-framed Home Insurance Building rose above the Windy City, and Americans have been reaching higher and higher ever since. Each American city has its own unique story, steeped in history and innovation. Skylines: American Cities Yesterday and Today, with more than 350 images, celebrates a selection of 48 of these vertical sentinels of progress, bringing the old to meet the new in a way sure to delight and inform the reader. From Boston to San Diego, Minneapolis to San Antonio, this unique book presents minutely-detailed historical maps from as early as the 1870's while early black-and-white panoramic shots from the turn of the 20th century are juxtaposed with their breathtaking contemporary panoramic counterparts. As a virtual navigational tool, each modern panorama is accompanied by a keyed line drawing to help locate the major points of interest.

Interspersed with the 53 incomparable contemporary panoramas (measuring more than two and a half feet long) are evocative and unexpected delights captured in vintage photographs: A young Bob Hope in knickers sits on a crescent moon at Clevelandıs Luna Park; a mid-day concert for workers at the Heinz pickle factory in Pittsburgh; early homesteaders in Miami stand by their tiny palmetto huts, and a heard of ostriches graze on the wild plains of Phoenix. While Skylines: American Cities Yesterday and Today treats us to wistful images of an era gone by, its pages also pulse with the visions of Modern American to come—fleets of ships ferrying commercial goods, powerful trains roar through the vastness of the country, crossing the latest engineering marvels of suspension bridges as they leave the mule and horse-drawn wagons in the dust of the past.

An engaging and high informative text by M. Hill Goodspeed packs information into these glorious pages to parallel the incredible stories told by sheer magnitude of the pictures themselves. If ever there was a book that visually took you from the beginnings of this great country to the architectural marvels that create the outline of our incomparable cities, Skylines: American Cities Yesterday and Today is the book to guide you on this exercise in time travel.

17.5 x 12.5 in., 216 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-527-5
$75.00 U.S.

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