Spectacular America
edited by Dana Levy and Letitia Burns O'Connor

A celebration of America's scenic diversity and splendor, in words and photographs.

This is a special Beaux Arts reprint edition available at a discounted price in limited quantities only.

The American landscape is remarkable for its sweeping grandeur and its scenic diversity. Farmlands, mountains, coasts, and deserts are all distinctive natural features that help shape the outline of America; its history of progress and growth defines its unique identity. In this collection of more than 200 extraordinary images, some of America's most talented nature photographers capture the voices and vistas of this great nation.

Featuring six foldouts nearly four feet in length, Spectacular America's oversized horizontal format conveys the majesty of the country's native splendor. The book is divided topographically, with separate sections highlighting distinctly different geographical features. Natural wonders abound: from the mightiness of Mt. McKinley to the thundering falls at Niagara, our national parks preserve an important piece of natural history. The protected harbors of Cape Cod, the bluffs of Big Sur, and the massive glaciers in Alaska's Glacier Bay are but a few of the spectacular seascapes that characterize America's varied coastlines. The nation's tallest peaks include the summits of the Sierra Nevadas, the Never Summer Mountains and the Cascade Range in the west, and Mount Washington in the eastern Adirondacks. America's deserts are filled with subtle surprises, such as the Petrified Forests and ancient sites--Taos, Monument Valley--of native American traditions.

Alongside the impressive natural beauty of the land, America's identity is found in many places: a bold American spirit coarses along the paths of the nation's forbears on the Appalachian Trail from the Great Smokies to New England's small villages, through the nation's heartland along the Mississippi River, to the western frontier along the Oregon Trail. Toil and perseverance define the nation's agricultural wealth, seen in the bounty of cornfields, orchards, vineyards, and cultivated farmland; and the man-made landscapes of the cities' towering skylines are triumphs of American ingenuity.

Spectacular America echoes the pride and promise, the pulse and energy of the nation's varied heritage. It is a tribute to the beauty and abundance of the land, from every mountainside, and sea to shining sea.

16 x 10 5/8 in., 132 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-957-2

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