Spectacular Canada
by Gerald Hall

cover image It has mountains loftier than any peak in the Alps and a wildlife show that rivals East Africa's. It has fjords as dramatic as Norway's, vast fields of grain, and two million lakes contained within the world's longest coastline. Some of its cities are among the world's most modern, others call to mind the old-world charm of western Europe, and all are populated by a diverse mosaic of cultures from around the world. Canada is a land of nearly infinite variety.

A visit to Quebec City feels as though one has stepped onto the Left Bank of Paris, while the city of Victoria is North America's most English setting. The highly cosmopolitan Toronto, meanwhile, features a theater scene surpassed only by those of New York and London, along with the continent's largest Chinatown. In the far north still reside aboriginal peoples such as the Inuit, and along the coasts lie secluded fishing villages whose simple, honest way of life has not substantially changed in over a century.

Canada's wilderness offers the opportunity to camp beside a trout-filled stream, or to hike through a majestic evergreen forest. Its mountains and moraine lakes are among the world's most magnificent natural scenery, and its forests are inhabited by a delightful array of animals--from beavers and chipmunks, to herons and bald eagles, to caribou, bears, and cougars.

In Spectacular Canada, Gerald Hall, former travel editor for the Toronto Star, takes you on a photographic tour of the many highlights and intimate quirks of this endlessly varied, fascinating land. With nearly 200 splendid color photos from some of Canada's most skilled photographers--including 18 pages of panoramic gatefolds--this book reveals and celebrates Canada's great beauty and unique national character.

15 3/4 x 11 3/4 in., 132 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-934-3
$75.00 U.S., $75.00 Canada
(No, this is not a typo. The book is discounted in Canada to $75 Canadian.)

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