Spectacular Galapagos
Exploring an Extraordinary World

by Tui De Roy

The newest title in the Levin Spectacular series explores one of the most dramatic natural settings in the world.

Over millions of years the story of the Galapagos has been one of birth, death, and rebirth, as volcanoes rise above the "hot spot" only to crumble away back into the sea and be replaced by new ones in their wake. In the sunbaked interiors, gigantic cacti easily grow to a height of 30 or 40 feet. Their fleshy pads store water that becomes the only source of moisture for animals and birds. These phenomena have given rise to animal communities of biblical appearances, where antediluvian dragons sleep with fluffy swallow-tailed gull chicks, and sea turtles below the waves rendezvous with angelfish at special cleaning stations to rid themselves of skin parasites. Life here is a magic web.

The kaleidoscope of life is as vibrant deep beneath the Galapagos waters as it is on its shores and above. Here flightless cormorants twirl in a flirtatious waterdance, moaning and gurgling, though their real prowess lies in the strength with which they can wrestle octopus and eels out of their lairs.

Richly written text and more than 100 color images by the award-winning author and a select group of the most renowned international wildlife photographers offer a spectacular opportunity to witness up close rarely seen species of animals and birds. You will learn about their fascinating habits and unusual environment. Five lavishly illustrated chapters introduce us to an unparalleled diversity of animal life and deepen our appreciation of the natural world.

16 x 11 3/4 in., 136 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-847-9
$75.00 U.S., $108.95 Canada

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