Spectacular Ireland
by Peter Harbison

A breathtaking journey in words and images to one of the most beautiful places in the world

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ireland? Fields of every possible shade of green? Magnificent cliffs towering over a crashing surf below? Picturesque streams meandering through idyllic valleys? Miles of grey stone walls crisscrossing one another in an ancient pattern? Giant granite mountains punctuated with solitary colorful wildflowers? Lush fields of heather or gorse? Ancient tombs, monasteries, and castles? Peaceful villages, bustling towns, cosmopolitan sites? Every one of these images is appropriate, and all of them are found in Spectacular Ireland, a magnificent collection of more than 140 color photographs by some of Ireland's best landscape photographers and elegant text by Peter Harbison, one of Ireland's most distinguished archaeologists.

This handsome volume celebrates Ireland, a small island country of extraordinary beauty, fascinating history, and evocative myths and legends where the old and the new now thrive together in an interesting mix. From ancient standing stones and portal dolmens to breathtaking pastoral scenes, exuberant colorful gardens, and energetic cities of architectural sophistication, we take a photographic tour reflecting the soul and passion of this spectacular island.

But Ireland is much more than beautiful landscape. Much of the magic of the country lies in the people themselves. Crumbling ruins of ancient monuments and haunting views of abandoned fields bear silent testament to a people's resilience and strength in the face of centuries of invasion and hardship. In this powerful collection we witness the spirit of the people of Ireland: in the weathered face of an Aran Island woman, a farmer's resolute stance, the flying feet of a traditional dancer, the laughing eyes of a steady-gazed child. These are a people who cherish their land. It is a rich heritage--of history, magic, and mystery--that makes Ireland a favorite destination for tourists and armchair travelers alike.

16 x 11 3/4 in., 136 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-899-1

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