Spectacular Israel
by Amotz Asa-El and Shai Ginott

A visual celebration of a country whose importance reaches far beyond its borders,
to millions of people around the globe

Israel is an ancient land that has been continuously inhabited for millennia. It is a country rich in historical and religious lore, and one that is at constant odds with the present. Known for centuries as the land of milk and honey, it is home to the major religions in the world and consequently has been a land coveted and besieged, prized and denied by its many conquerors. It is desert and garden, mystical and concrete, and ever changing. Israel is a magnificent conundrum.

Spectacular Israel, with its panoramic format and ability to show sweeping views of this intriguing land, presents an unforgettable view of this country, including its manmade and natural wonders. The book abounds in magnificent landscapes, shot from both above and below its precious water, marvelous cities that have sprung from desert to become oasis marvels, houses of worship that have sustained ancient religions for centuries, and the cultures that feed all of them.

With foldouts opening to nearly four feet, Spectacular Israel features photos by some of Israel's finest photographers, including Neil Folberg's haunting shots of synagogues and landscapes, Itamar Grinberg's shimmering underwater photography, and Shai Ginott's powerful glimpses of Israel's cities, combine to capture the unforgettable presence of this ancient land whose importance and history is instilled in the hearts of millions.

16 x 10 5/8 in., 130 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-298-5

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