By Julian Shuckburgh

With Spectacular London, you can experience the spirit of this historic city.

cover image London is a magical city with its beginnings dating back thousands of years to the Roman days. Think of London today and images of beautifully impressive sights come to mind: the Royal family and their palaces, the House of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. Culturally, there are dozens of incomparable museums, such as The British Museum, The National Gallery and the Cabinet War Rooms, and of course, one cannot exclude the famous London theaters. On a more intimate scale, one thinks of quaint pubs, open-air markets, iconic red double-decker buses, telephone boxes, and helmeted bobbies.

Meandering through the charismatic sections of London is a stretch of the River Thames, serving as an anchor for the dazzling array of sites that make London so special. With Spectacular London, you can celebrate this historic city as it gears up to be the host of the 2012 Olympics. This sleek volume includes more than 130 magnificent full-color illustrations and brings together all of London's unique sites, presenting some of the most memorable views of this ancient city.

With fantastic photographs of this vibrant city, many shown in foldouts that are almost three feet long, Spectacular London takes the reader from the pastoral setting of Hyde Park to the bustling financial center of the City, from the sophisticated London nightlife to an afternoon at Hampton Court. All of these experiences are pulled together in one volume to create a most unforgettable view of one of the world's oldest and most revered cities.

Julian Shuckburgh's lively text accompanies the reader through this book in a way that only a native-born Londoner can. For those who have personally experienced London, or for those who plan to visit for the first time, Spectacular London is the perfect way to celebrate this glorious city.

16 x 12 in., 132 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-833-9
$50.00 U.S.

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