By James Gracie

cover image Bagpipes, heather, thistle, tartans, lochs, highlands, and fine malt whiskey. These are only some of the iconic images that come to mind when one thinks of Scotland. In Spectacular Scotland, we enjoy a visual celebration of the places and people of Scotland, seen through the lenses of some of the country's finest photographers. More than 150 superb images tell the story of this most fascinating country.

But there is more to Scotland than lofty mountains, placid lochs, kilted Highlanders and misty glens. There are vibrant, sophisticated cities, such as the elegant and historic capital of Edinburgh, and there is Glasgow, a former shipbuilding centre with a distinguished history of cultural innovation. By contrast, we are also introduced to the country's stunning coastline, the glorious islands, white beaches and exotic gardens of the west coast. This enchanting collection of images takes us on a tour of a small but beautiful country with diverse scenery and a rich heritage, and people who take pride in both. An outstanding souvenir, celebration and portrait, Spectacular Scotland brings the best of this wonderful country into sharp focus.

Coming in Spring 2006
16 x 12 in., 132 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-834-7
$50.00 U.S.

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