Wildlife of North America
by Thomas A. Lewis

An invitation to confront the beauty and wildness of natural creatures, and to reconsider what their presence means.

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For millions of years, the wild animals of North America have been fitting themselves into every available nook and cranny of the landscape. About ten thousand years ago humans became part of the equation, and ever since have sometimes used, sometimes abused, but always admired the magnificent animals with which they share the continent. More than 125 spectacular images, captured by some of the best wildlife photographers in the world, document the animals ranging in size from the ninth-of-an-ounce pygmy shrew to the two hundred-ton blue whale. Wildlife of North America celebrates the diversity and durability of the splendid mammals that, along with countless birds, reptiles, and amphibians, move continually at the edges of our civilized urban consciousness, inviting us to ponder in fresh ways the marvel of life on Earth. Six lavishly illustrated chapters display the rich variety of animal life as it has adapted to the major landforms of the continent, from the harsh frozen tundra of the far north to the searing deserts of the southwest.

Discover the evolutionary mystery of the white-tailed deer, marvel at the grizzly bear who must sustain a thousand-pound bulk with ninety pounds of food every day, learn about the complex partnership struck eons ago between the perky little prairie dog and the mammoth bison, and admire eagles in flight while learning about their remarkable bifocal system that allows them to hone in on their prey from a thousand feet in the air and then inspect that prey at a talon's length.

16 x 10 5/8 in., 132 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-330-2

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