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JULY 10. Birth of Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, Danish Virgin Islands.

JANUARY 23. Birth of Edouard Manet in Paris.

JULY 19. Birth of Edgar Degas in Paris.

JANUARY 19. Birth of Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence.
OCTOBER 30. Birth of Alfred Sisley in Paris.

NOVEMBER 14. Birth of Oscar-Claude Monet in Paris.

JANUARY 14. Birth of Berthe Morisot in Bourges.
FEBRUARY 25. Birth of Pierre-Auguste Renoir in Limoges.

MANET enters Collège Rollin. Meets Antonin Proust.
RENOIR: family moves to Paris.

DEGAS enters Lycée Louis-le-Grand. Taught drawing by Léon Cogniat.
MONET: family moves to Le Hayre. Father enters his brother-in-law's business as wholesale grocer.

MANET travels to Rio de Janeiro on training steamer.

MANET fails to get a place at the Ecole Nayale. Begins to study painting under Thomas Couture. Registers to copy paintings at the Louvre.

Birth of Léon-Edouard Koëlla, illegitimate son of Suzanne Leenhoff, piano teacher in the Manet household. He is now thought to be the son of Manet's father.
CEZANNE enters Collège Bourbon in Aix where he meets Zola.

MANET makes first trip to Italy: Venice, Florence and Rome.
DEGAS registers as copyist at the Louvre and the Bibliothéque Impériale.

RENOIR apprenticed for four years as a porcelain painter, then works painting fans, murals and as a decorator for a manufacturer of blinds. Studies drawing with the sculptor Callouette.

PISARRO gives up business career in West Indies and arrives in Paris. Enrols at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and works in Anton Melbye's studio.
MANET Visits Delacroix's studio with Proust.
DEGAS enrolls at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts as a pupil of Louis Lamothe. Meets and is advised by Ingres.

MANET leaves Couture's studio.
DEGAS studies and travels in Italy (1856-9). MONET: his caricatures of local figures in Le Havre are exhibited in shop window. Attracts attention of Boudin with whom he begins to paint out of doors.

PISSARRO following Corot's advice, paints from nature in Montmorency.
MANET makes second trip to Italy.
SISLEY goes to London to prepare for a career in business.
MORISOT: Berthe and her sister Edma study painting with Chocarne and subsequently with Guichard.

CEZANNE studies at drawing academy in Aix.

PISSARRO attends Atelier Suisse and meets MONET.
MANET: Absinthe Drinker rejected by the Salon. Registers to copy paintings at the Louvre where he meets DEGAS.
CEZANNE studies Law at university in Aix.

MANET rents studio in Batignolles quarter.
RENOIR and MORISOT register to copy at the Louvre.

MANET exhibits Portrait of M. and Mme Manet and The Spanish Singer at the Salon and The Nymph Surprised at the Imperial Academy in St Petersburg.
CEZANNE arrives in Paris and enrols at Académie Suisse where he meets PISSARRO. Returns to Aix in September and works at his father's bank.
MONET selected by lottery for military service. Serves in Algeria for one year until following an illness he is bought out by his family.
RENOIR enters studio of Charles Gleyre, Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
MORISOT with her sister studies with Corot at Ville d'Avray.

MANET makes studies out of doors at Tuileries Gardens. Paints Camprubi troupe of Spanish dancers appearing at the Hippodrome. Victorine Meurent begins to pose for him.
SISLEY, MONET and BAZILLE join studio of Charles Gleyre, meet RENOIR and become friends. Renoir meets PISSARRO and CEZANNE returns to Paris. Renoir meets Diaz, Courbet, Corot and Daubigny painting out of doors in the forest of Fontainebleau.

PISSARRO: his son Lucien is born.
MANET: Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe is rejected by the Salon. Exhibits 14 paintings at the Galerie Martinet. The Salon des Refusés is opened where the Déjeuner sur l'Herbe is a succés de scandale. Also showing are works by PISSARRO, Jongkind, Guillaumin, Whistler, Fantin-Latour and CEZANNE. Manet marries Suzanne Leenhoff.
MONET paints with BAZILLE in Chailly-en-Briére in the forest of Fontainebleau.

PISSARRO exhibits two landscapes as "pupil of Corot" at the Salon. Works at La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire.
MANET exhibits The Bullfight and Dead Christ with Angels at the Salon.
CEZANNE rejected by the Salon. Returns to Aix in July.
MONET paints with BAZILLE, Boudin and Jongkind along the coast at Honfleur and at Le Havre.
RENOIR exhibits La Esmeralda at the Salon, but subsequently destroys it.
MORISOT exhibits two landscapes at the Salon.

PISSARRO exhibits two landscapes at the Salon.
MANET exhibits Jesus Mocked by the Soldiers and Olympia at the Salon. During a trip to Spain meets Théodore Duret.
DEGAS exhibits Medieval War Scene at the Salon.
CEZANNE rejected by the Salon. Works at Académie Suisse and returns to Aix in autumn.
MONET exhibits two landscapes at the Salon. Shares a studio with BAZILLE who poses for a Déjeuner sur l'Herbe which Monet is painting out of doors at Chailly.
RENOIR works with SISLEY in Marlotte in the forest of Fontainebleau.
MORISOT spends summers painting in Normandy, 1864-74.

PISSARRO and DEGAS exhibit at the Salon.
MANET rejected by the Salon. Meets CEZANNE, Zola and MONET. The Café Guerbois, 11 Grande rue des Batignolles, begins to become a popular venue for artists and writers.
SISLEY exhibits at the Salon. Marries Marie Lescouezec. Works with RENOIR in the forest of Fontainebleau.
CEZANNE. rejected by the Salon. Spends a year between Paris and Aix.
MONET exhibits Camille ou La Robe Verte at the Salon, a great success. Camille Doncieux poses for the Women in the Garden at Sèvres where she is living with Monet. In the summer financial difficulties force Monet to leave Sèvres for Honfleur, where he sees Boudin and Courbet and spends the winter of 1866-7.
RENOIR rejected by the Salon, in spite of the intervention of Corot and Daubigny who have become members of the Salon jury.

PISSARRO rejected by the Salon. He, RENOIR, SISLEY and BAZILLE sign an unsuccessful petition demanding a new Salon des Refusals.
MANET: Courbet and Manet hold one-man shows at their own expense in special pavilions outside the grounds of the Exposition Universelie. A biographical and critical study of Manet by Zola is reprinted as a pamphlet.
DEGAS exhibits two portraits at the Salon.
CEZANNE rejected by the Salon. Spends summer in Aix, returns to Paris in autumn.
MONET rejected by Salon. Discusses with BAZILLE the possibility of organizing exhibitions independently of the Salon. His son Jean is born, but financial problems force Monet to live with his aunt in Ste-Adresse, leaving Camille in Paris.

PISSARRO: Salon accepts two views of Pontoise. Because of financial difficulties works painting shop signs and blinds with Guillaumin. Moves with his family to Louveciennes, 1868-9.
MANET exhibits Young Lady in 1866 and Portrait of Zola at the Salon. Fantin-Latour introduces him to Berthe and Edma Morisot at the Louvre. Paints The Balcony for which Berthe MORISOT poses. Spends summer in Boulogne-sur-Mer.
DEGAS exhibits Mlle Fiocre at the Salon. Registers to copy at the Louvre, sponsored by Emile Lévy.
SISLEY exhibits landscape at the Salon. He and his wife pose for RENOIR in April at Chailly.
CEZANNE rejected by the Salon. Returns to Aix in May; back in Paris in December.
MONET exhibits one painting at the Salon. In Le Hayre for the winter. Spends spring and summer in Bennecourt and then at Fécamp and in December in Etretat where he rejoins Camille.
RENOIR: Lise is accepted at the Salon. Moves to a new studio with BAZILLE near the Card Guerbois where he meets DEGAS, Duret, Zola, Burty, Silvestre.
MORISOT exhibits one painting at the Salon. Meets MANET and poses for him for The Balcony. Begins friendship with Puvis de Chavannes and with DEGAS.

PISSARRO has two views of Pontoise accepted at the Salon.
MANET: Zola writes to La Tribune in defence of The Execution of the Emperor Maximilian, because the government has opposed its exhibition. Alfred Stevens brings Eva Gonzalès to Manet's studio; she becomes his pupil and poses for him. Manet exhibits The Balcony and The Luncheon in the Studio at the Salon. He spends the summer at Boulogne and visits England.
DEGAS makes a trip to Brussels where he sells paintings and negotiates a contract with a Belgian dealer. He travels in Italy. In the summer he works in Boulogne near Manet and at Etretat. His Portrait of Mme G. is accepted at the Salon. SISLEY rejected at the Salon.
CEZANNE returns to Paris where he spends most of the year. Meets Hottense Fiquet. He is rejected at the Salon.
MONET returns from Etretat in February and is rejected at the Salon. He settles in St-Michel-de-Bougival and works with RENOIR at La Grenouillère for the summer.
RENOIR has one painting, Summer, accepted at the Salon. Works with MONET painting La Grenouillère.
MORISOT does not submit to the Salon. Marriage of her sister Edma to Adolphe Pontillon.

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