Photographers featured in
The National Audubon Society: Speaking for Nature

Art Wolfe, Inc.

Art Wolfe is one of the most celebrated nature photographers living in the United States today. Most famous for his revealing wildlife portraits, Art capitalizes on an animal's distinguishing features, natural behavior and habitat, and captures an insightful, at times humorous, glimpse into the creature's private world.

Art Wolfe photo.

McDonald photo.
McDonald Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photographers Joe and Mary Ann McDonald specialize in closeup and dramatic action photography. They offer some of the most exciting, fun, and rewarding photo workshops and photo tours anywhere!

Mountain Light Photography

Galen Rowell, internationally known nature photographer, and his wife, Barbara Rowell, have created a business named Mountain Light Photography that specializes in providing stock and gallery images of the earth's high and wild places.

Mt. Light photo.

Tom Bean photo
Tom Bean Photography

Trained as a wildlife biologist, Tom Bean has worked in several national parks as a ranger-naturalist. His work includes landscapes, geology, earth science, wildlife, outdoor sports, travel and other subjects.