The book Floral Style includes an illustrated glossary showing over 100 flowers (arranged alphabetically), and enumerates the important properties of each. As far as we know, it is the only book on floral design that provides this highly useful feature.

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Allium aflatumense
12 to 36 inches high

Rounded heads of star-shaped florets in white, violet, or pink

7 to 14 days vase life

Cut stems on diagonal, place into warm water, freshen often.

Bulb for sun. Plant in the fall for spring or summer bloom. Many species and hybrids available.

6 to 12 inches high

Rounded saucer-shaped flower in blue, white, red, pink, or purple

3 to 7 days vase life

Cut stems on diagonal, place in boiling water, avoid floral foam.

Bulb or perennial, for sun or part shade, depending on species. A coronaria is best for cutting. Plant in full sun, in the fall in warm winter areas, in spring in the North. Soak tubers for 24 hours before planting.

Anemone coronaria
Amaranthus hypochondriacus
12 to 36 inches high

Long, furry upright ropes in groups from single stem in green and crimson

7 days vase life

Remove foliage, dip stems into boiling water, transfer into deep cold water.

Annual for sun. Easy to grow from seed planted outdoors in late spring.

12 to 24 inches high

Heart-shaped flower with tall central "tongue" in red, white, or pink

14 to 21 days vase life

Cut stems on diagonal, place into deep warm water, no refrigeration necessary.

Tropical which can be grown as a container plant in Northern gardens.

Amaryllis belladonna
24 to 36 inches high

Large lily-type blooms on hollow stem in white, pink, peach, or red

14 to 21 days vase life

Cut stem ends, fill with water, plug, put in deep warm water.

Non-hardy bulb. The familiar container plant for Christmas is Hippeastrum. Amaryllis belladonna grows in outdoor climates of warm winters and hot, dry summers. Grow in containers in cold climates. Blooms in late summer.

Tree branch

Fragrant floret clusters on branch in white, pinks, rose, or reds

7 to 10 days vase life

Cut and split or crush stems, place into deep warm water.

Hardy trees for full sun. Easily found at garden centers. Can be forced in late winter.

Apple and Crabapple
Malus floribunda

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