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This section of our site contains excerpted material from our books, and information about their subject matter, for the dual purposes of scholarly reference and product sampling. We are still adding to this section regularly. Check back soon.
(Last updated August 9, 2005.)

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BookExcerpt / Info.
American Painting Chapter 22: American Main Street
The Art Quilt Chapter 3: A History of the Art Quilt
Christmas Treasures Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus, by Francis P. Church
Great Paintings of the Western World (currently out-of-print) Table of Contents (with additional links to Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, and De Stijl)
Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Chronology of Hanna-Barbera studios (2 pages)
Sample chapter: "The Founders"
The Impressionists: A Retrospective Chronology of the Impressionists (4 pages)
Italian Painting Chapter 25: The Third Estate and Private Pleasures
The Louvre History of the Louvre, Part I: Art in Context
History of the Louvre, Part II: The Middle Ages
History of the Louvre, Part III: The Renaissance
History of the Louvre, Part IV: The Revolution
History of the Louvre, Part V: Bonaparte through Modern Times
Marvel: The Characters and their Universe Chapter 4: Spider-Man
Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Architecture Chronology of Michelangelo
Biography of Michelangelo ** a reader favorite! **
Monet: A Retrospective
Chronology of Claude Monet
Van Gogh: A Retrospective Chronology of Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh in Provence and Auvers Chapter: Van Gogh's Final Days
Warner Bros. Animation Art Warner Bros. Chronology
Women Artists Chapter 16: Dada and Surrealism
Sidebar: Rosa Bonheur
Sidebar: Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun

BookExcerpt / Info.
America's Spectacular National Parks Arches National Park
List of National Parks featured in the book. Arranged by region.
Animals of Africa Table of Contents, with links to Lions, Cheetahs, and Hyenas
Beijing and Xi'an The Hall of Supreme Harmony, with Bronze Lion
Golf Digest: Golf's Greatest Players, Courses, and Voices Excerpt: Golf's Greatest Voices
The National Audubon Society:
Speaking for Nature
Chronology of the National Audubon Society:
"100 Years of Conservation" (3 pages)
Some of the great nature photographers who contributed to the book
Spectacular Australiapp. 6 & 7: Australia
Spectacular Canada Chapter 4: The Cities
Spectacular EgyptIntroduction, by Dr. Zahi Hawass
Spectacular Golf Foreword about the game of golf
Links to photographers featured in the book
List of golf courses covered in the book
Spectacular IndiaChapter 7: Changing India
Spectacular Ireland Foreword about Ireland
Splendors of the Seas Excerpted from the Introduction: "Why I became a naturalist"

BookExcerpt / Info.
The Diaspora and The Lost Tribes of Israel Excerpt: Introduction
Jewish Art Chapter 10: Jewish Expression in Twentieth-Century Fine Arts
Jewish Art Masterpieces Excerpt: The Birds' Head Haggadah
The Jewish Calendar 2003 Dates of Jewish Holidays 2002–2008
The Jewish Engagement Calendar 2003 Candle-Lighting Times, in PDF format (to be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Tradition!: Celebration and Ritual in Jewish Life Excerpt: Rosh Ha-Shanah
Three spreads from the book, in PDF format (to be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Treasures of Jewish Art The ENTIRE BOOK Online

BookExcerpt / Info.
Bridal Style, and
Bridal Style, Concise Edition
Table of Contents
Excerpted chapter: The Ceremony
Excerpted chapter: The Flowers
Floral Style Table of Contents
Introduction: A Sense of Floral Style
Illustrated glossary of flowers (18 pages!)
Great Rubber Stamping Excerpt: The Elements of Design
The Original Boston Cooking School Cookbook,
by Fannie Farmer (currently out-of-print)
The complete text online.
Powers That Be Excerpt: How Does Dowsing Work?
Scrapbooking with Memory Makers Excerpt: Choosing a theme
Excerpt: Tribute albums

BookExcerpt / Info.
The ArmyChapter 2: This We'll Defend
The Marines Chronology of the U.S. Marine Corps
Sample chapter: "The Marine Corps Experience"
Marines Photo Gallery
The Navy Sample chapter: "The Fleet Today"
U.S. Naval AviationChapter 2: The Golden Journey
U.S. SubmarinesSubmarines Chronology: A Century of Silent Service

BookExcerpt / Info.
Chinese Americans: The Immigrant Experience List of Chinese Links on the Internet*
Fifty-four Ways to Help the Homeless The partial text online.
The Irish Americans: The Immigrant Experience List of Ireland Links on the Internet*
Italian Americans: The Immigrant ExperienceList of Italian Links on the Internet*
Jewish Americans: The Immigrant ExperienceList of Jewish Links on the Internet*
Law in AmericaChapter IV: Famous Trials
Medicine: A Treasury of Art and Literature Revised Hippocratic Oath, by Anonymous, M.D.*

Anne of Green Gables The complete text online.
Black BeautyThe complete text online.
The Jungle BooksThe complete text online.
Little WomenThe complete text online.
The Secret GardenThe complete text online.

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