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Jewish Americans: The Immigrant Experience

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1. The Jewish Virtual Library
The most comprehensive online Jewish encyclopedia in the world, with more than 6,000 articles and 2,000 photographs and maps. The Library has 13 wings: History, Women, The Holocaust, Travel, Israel & The States, Maps, Politics, Biography, Israel, Religion, Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress, Vital Statistics and Reference. Each of these has numerous subcategories.

2. Shamash: The Jewish Network
This site strives to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet. It features a book of the week, a national directory of kosher restaurants, and a collection of links larger than the one you're reading now.

3. MavenSearch
With little content of its own, this "portal to the Jewish world" is a directory and search engine focusing on Jewish information.

4. About.com: Judaism
A variety of content, including an Introduction to Judaism, Jewish Holiday Calendar, and Jewish recipes and "how-to" pages. Also includes links related to Judaism.

5. BBC Online: Judaism
Overview of Judaism, including history, beliefs, customs, and holy days.

6. Jewish Community Online
This site aims to provide unique, useful and engaging information for and about the American Jewish community. They maintain community areas including "ask the rabbi"; reference tools, including a complete electronic translation of the Torah, and over 7,000 non-commercial Jewish web links.


7. Learning about the Holocaust through Art
The primary goal of this project is to create a significant, high-quality resource about the art of the Holocaust for researchers, educators, students and the wider public.

8. Gateway to Sephardic Resources
This site focuses on the history and culture of Sephardic Jews—those whose ancestors came from Spain and Portugal.

9. The Jewish Museum, New York
The largest Jewish museum in the western hemisphere.

10. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Israel Museum was founded in 1965 and has, in a remarkably short period of time, become the encylopedic museum of art and archeology for that part of the world.

11. Jewish Art Network
Jewish Art Network features artwork from the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum in Vilnius and from private Jewish artists throughout the world. All digitalized images in our gallery may be enlarged to full-screen size. Whenever possible, information about a given artist and his work will also be included.

12. American Jewish Historical Society
The mission of the AJHS is to foster awareness and appreciation of the American Jewish past and to serve as a national scholarly resource for research through the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials relating to American Jewish history.

13. Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Historical texts with a Jewish perspective, from the emergence of Judaism through the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, and beyond.

14. Jewish History Resource Center
Over 6,000 documents in over 30 categories relating to Jewish history, selected and organized by the staff of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


15. Navigating the Bible
The complete Torah online, in Hebrew, English, and English transliteration, with commentary. Also features RealAudio sound clips to demonstrate the chanting of every verse.

16. Project Genesis
This site is devoted to education on all aspects of Jewish tradition. Features Torah portions, archived essays, online classes, and other Jewish educational material.

17. Kashrut.com
The premier kosher information source on the web.

18. Judaism 101
An "online encyclopedia of Judaism," organized as a very complete set of Frequently Asked Questions.

19. Glossary of Basic Jewish Terms and Concepts
Provides authoritative definitions of Jewish terms, from A to Z.

20. Jewish Torah Audio
Classes, stories, sermons, and songs—hours of downloadable Jewish audio, in RealAudio format. Requires free RealPlayer software (and a fast Internet connection doesn't hurt, either).

21. Shiur.net
This site's goal is to bring the Torah of the Yeshiva University Rabbeim, in streaming audio format, into your home.

22. Virtual Beit Midrash
Providing yeshiva style lessons in Torah and Judaism to students of all ages, outside the yeshiva walls. Courses are sent out, and instructors are accessible, via e-mail. There is also a large archive of past articles.

23. Just Tzedakah: Information on charitable giving
Guidelines for Jewish law and thought on the subject of charity. Profiles of specific Jewish charities, and online opportunities for giving.

24. Everything Jewish
Despite its name, this site seems to focus mainly on historical discussion of the holidays.


25. World Jewish Congress
An international federation of Jewish communities and organizations. As an umbrella group it represents Jews from the entire political spectrum and from all Jewish religious denominations, serving as a diplomatic arm of the Jewish people to world governments and international organizations.
26. American Jewish Congress
A major political activist organization that acts in accordance with Jewish interests and ideals.

27. American ORT
ORT's mission is to provide technological education to communities in industrialized countries. ORT is the Jewish world's leader in technology education and the world's largest non-governmental education and training organization.

28. National Jewish Coalition for Literacy
America's Jews share a common heritage of a love for books and the written word, a commitment to quality education, and a passion for the pursuit of social justice. Based on this historical legacy, the NJCL believes that our community is well positioned to play an important role in the effort to promote literacy.

29. United Jewish Communities
The largest Jewish charitable organization in America, the UJC raises money for Jews in need everywhere, throughout the world.

30. Joint Distribution Committee
The overseas arm of the American Jewish community, the JDC performs relief and rescue missions in troubled parts of the world. The JDC is funded primarily by the United Jewish Communities.

31. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
Founded in 1881, HIAS has offered food, shelter, transportation, jobs, and other assistance to more than four and a half million people in need of rescue, reunion, and resettlement.

32. Jewish National Fund
This "caretaker of the land of Israel" is dedicated to purchasing and "redeeming" land in Israel.

33. Anti-Defamation League
For more than 88 years, ADL has been combating anti-Semitism and bigotry of all kinds.


34. Reform Judaism
An overview of the Reform movement, maintained by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

35. Hebrew Union College
The academic arm of the Reform movement.

36. United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
The association of Conservative congregations in North America, today consisting of 800 affiliated synagogues and over one-and-a-half-million members.

37. Jewish Theological Seminary
The academic arm of the Conservative movement.

38. Rabbinical Council of America
A dynamic professional organization serving over 1,100 Orthodox Rabbis. The Council serves as a spokesman for Orthodoxy on the national and international level.


39. Virtual Jerusalem
An online newspaper (in English) focusing on Israeli themes. Lots of content, frequently updated.

40. Ha'aretz: English Edition
An independent daily newspaper in Israel, with a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs. The paper is perhaps best known for its Op-ed page, where its senior columnists reflect on current events.

41. JTA: Global Jewish News.
JTA is an international news service, based in New York, that provides up-to-the-minute reports, analysis pieces and features on events and issues of concern to the Jewish people.

42. The Forward
An important weekly Jewish publication, launched in 1897.

43. JewishGen
The primary source for Jewish genealogy on the web.

44. Mispacha: for Jewish Families
Mishpacha is for parents who find that what they learned as Jewish children isn't enough to build their own Jewish families. A starting point for a spiritual journey, the site provides guideposts to Jewish belief, practice and community.

45. Jewz.com
A hip, lifestyle- and entertainment-oriented site for a Jewish audience.

46. Harry Leichter's Jewish Humor
Extensive landmark collection of Jewish jokes, humorous items, and links.

47. Jewish calendar software for Windows
This Jewish calendar software has many valuable features. There used to be a Macintosh version on this site, too—it appears to have been discontinued.

48. PilotYid: Jewish Software for PalmOS
PilotYid is a collection of Jewish and Hebrew-related software for any PDA that runs the Palm OS computing platform.

49. Excerpts from our other Judaica books
Levin Associates (the publisher of this book) publishes a broad—and ever-expanding—variety of books on Jewish themes and Jewish art. Excerpts from many of these books are available on our web site.

50. Hugh Lauter Levin Associates Jewish Links
The list of links from this very book is on the publisher's web site (at http://www.HLLA.com), so that if you don't want to type in all these links (or carry the book around with you), you can go to our page and click on any of them.

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