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Scrapbooking with Memory Makers

Tribute or Memorial Albums

KAREN AND JUDY. Artist: Pam Klassen.
A single template and vellum paper were used to create the elegant white embossed frame supporting an exquisite heirloom photo. Brown paper mounted behind the vellum tints it with soft color. The understated frame is all that is needed to complete the nostalgic page.
Whether you live in a small town or a booming metropolis, you are sure to know a special person who gives more than she or he receives, who is quick to laugh and first to help. Honor this remarkable person with a tribute album. Or create a memorial album for a special person who is deceased. Tribute albums make wonderful gifts, and memorial albums are a comfort to grieving family members. Both are inspired by the spirits of those whose pictures adorn the pages.

The biggest challenge will be collecting and organizing the material. To document a person's lifetime, you'll need to work with many years' worth of materials. Early photographs and stories may be hard to find. Begin by locating people who knew the subject of your album during his or her childhood or early adulthood. Ask relatives or friends, or consult class lists or school yearbooks. Send postcards to those who might help, asking for some written information about themselves and the ways the person influenced their lives and memorable times they shared.

If the person you are honoring is a member of your family, hold a family reunion. Set album pages on the tables and ask guests to take a few minutes to write in them. Ask to borrow photos from everyone you contact and make duplicates.

Most albums begin with old photographs, so consider starting with a "period" look, incorporating the colors and fabrics of that time period in the decorative details. Update the look and feel of the book as it moves forward in time--for example, an album's elegant, formal first pages might become poodle-skirt pink in the 1950s and embellished with wild neon colors in the 1960s.

Add photocopies of sheet music, movie posters, and book covers that were popular during decades of the subject's life. If you have permission, also include copies of diary entries and letters written by the person.

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